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Paper Chain Forum is a platform for information on the sustainable relationship between the paper chain and the environment has a corny image of a lobbying organisation and lacks credibility. There is a need for a renewed mission, vision, name, brand identity, and brand perception that makes the organisation socially relevant again.


  • Rethink existing mission, vision, and name

  • Develop brand strategy and communication plan to communicate the new mission and vision to target group(s) and positively influence/ enthuse them about the paper chain

  • Identify and close the gap between the current situation and the desired situation with:

    • environmental analysis

    • workshops around mission – vision – name

  • new value proposition and building the brand identity and experience on this:

    • new name ‘’ & tagline ‘natural’

    • new brand strategy: positively influencing experts, opinion leaders, and decision-makers about the role and importance of paper for people, the environment, and the climate

  • giving target groups a face and defining their behaviour in persona

  • relevant messages per persona

  • define channels to reach the personas

  • new house style and communication carriers

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