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  • ‘VUB’ brand is not sufficiently distinctive

  • Mission – bringing “VUB is more than just studying” conceptually to life

  • VUB identity should be more concrete and recognisable

  • The many initiatives, in addition to teaching and research, with their own branding and communication, contribute too little to the strengthening of the VUB brand (are too little known) and thus miss their strategic purpose to help shape and give substance to the VUB brand and thus distinguish it from other universities


  • “More than just studying” = commitment put into practice by the many initiatives/projects

  • Engagement contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Build brand strategy in which the emotional brand pillars, which extend beyond the rational pillars, product/service/location offerings, are tangible and recognisable so that they make the VUB brand concrete among target groups

  • The resulting brand strategy and communication plan should create a common thread and unity in the perception of the initiatives as part of the VUB brand and its mission (more than just studying)

  • Translation of the mission statement “more than just studying” into an engaging tagline that conveys and concretises the VUB’s values as a ‘civic university’: “The World Needs You”

  • This purpose-driven brand identity aligns perfectly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) formulated by the UN, which provide a roadmap and framework for purpose

  • In this way, the many projects and initiatives, which give shape and substance to the commitment of VUB staff to education, science, and responsible entrepreneurship, are given a place within the brand communication that engages the VUB community (stakeholders) in a connecting way

  • This results in activating and experiential communication

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