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​Pernod Ricard wants to position its Lillet brand more purpose-driven. That is why the company is launching the ‘L pour elles’ campaign through which it supports hospitality entrepreneurs. This is necessary because the hospitality industry is still dominated by men. With the campaign, Lillet wants to break the glass ceiling for women in the ‘hospitality’ sector. Pernod Ricard presented UPR Agency with the challenge of developing ‘L pour Elles’ in Belgium into a community or movement of women in the hospitality industry, thereby strengthening the reputation and positioning of the brand through a multimedia approach.


UPR Agency worked out a cross-media, content and purpose-driven communication strategy to position both the functional values of the brand (product) and the emotional values (experience & purpose). For the ‘face’ of ‘L pour Elles, UPR Agency appointed Hannah van Ongevalle as the brand’s ambassador. As owner of Belgian cocktail bars Cocktail Maison and The Epic Club, she knows better than anyone how challenging the hospitality world can be for women. She is determined to break the glass ceiling in the hospitality industry. UPR Agency underpinned the campaign with a ‘brand as a publisher’ approach involving content at different levels (Hero, Hub, Help).

UPR Agency rolled out the communication strategy in both earned media, through press relations, the UPR press days, events for industry opinion leaders, social media influencer actions, and in Lillet’s owned media (website, social media). Thus, in combination with paid media (partnershap with Elles magazine), UPR Agency succeeded in creating awareness for Lillet and for L pour Elles among the target audience and the general public, thus strengthening the brand’s reputation. After the launch moment, the content-driven ‘brand as a publisher’ approach allows for year-round communication through various touchpoints, ensuring the long-term impact of ‘L pour Elles’ and Lillet’s positioning and awareness.

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